Train your puppy, adult, senior, or service dog from home without compromising your ethics or draining your bank account.

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Pet Dogs

Get a dog who listens to every cue every time while still prioritizing their health, wellness, and needs in 90 days or less.

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Service Dogs

Train your autism, mobility, psychiatric, allergen or medical alert, or multipurpose service dog without spending $25k.

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Scent Detection

Train your medical alert or allergen detection dog in 10 minutes of training per day with scientific methods that prioritize independence.

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I train all dogs.

With specialties in reactivity and aggression, separation anxiety, scent detection, service dogs, and more, as well as a robust network of professional colleagues, I have all the resources needed to work towards your training goals. 

Over one hundred active members in our programs are working on training goals involving separation anxiety, resource guarding, reactivity, allergen and medical detection, home manners, puppy basics, and even public access work for service dogs.

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"Once I started Delta Tails, I knew that I could do it. I love the way the modules are broken down into the next best small step. It's easy to succeed, and I am excited every time my dog learns something new!"

Amanda & Journey
Service Dog Grads

"It is life changing to have him. I have not gone out by myself with a group of people my age in at least five years. He alerted during the party and allowed me to stay safe, even without my parents. I am finally learning what it's like to be an independent adult (at age 30). I get to live life now."

Kelsey and Apollo
Scent Detection Grads

"I have been with Delta Tails for four months now, and I have seen more progress in my rescue than I have after six months of an in person class. Blythe has shown me a world of training I never knew existed. I love it here."

Jacklyn and Kita
Scent Detection Students

"When I started, I didn't know enough about reactivity to know where to even begin. All of our walks were difficult, especially with the boundless energy of a puppy. After taking the reactivity class, I felt much more informed and in control of what we were striving towards. Learning how critical sleep is, practicing and receiving feedback on all the tools/strategies, and the virtual support lifted my confidence. Bishop has improved so much."

Emily and Bishop
Reactivity Students

Our Services

Online Programs

For anyone who loves to DIY for a lower price and is located outside of my in person service area.

Best for those who enjoy learning on their own, general behavior problems, service dog and pet dog training.

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Private Training

A personalized training blueprint including daily assignments custom to your goals, weekly calls with me, and extra resources proven to get you results quickly.

Best for aggression, separation anxiety, and behavior concerns in person or online.

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In Person Classes

Group classes located in Greeley Colorado to train your pet dog or service dog.

Best for those located near Greeley, Colorado who enjoy the format of in person training or want group support in person.

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Not sure what's right for you? Let's talk through it together.

Hi! I'm Blythe, and I'm your dog training coach.


I believe that with the right support, training your own dog is possible for anyone. As a multi-certified professional trainer, my life is dogs and training.

After training my own service dog, I took course after course to be able to teach others how to train their own dogs from home.

I've taught over 200 dog and handler teams to train their own dogs without compromising their ethics or draining their bank account.

I can't wait to work with you and your dog!

More About Me

"Joining has been the best decision I've ever made. I don't have to feel alone in any of my struggles. Blythe is always ready to help modify our sessions. The shift in our training experience is amazing."

Kayla and Ana
Pack Members

"Delta Tails has been amazing for all of my dogs. Blythe always answers the tons of questions I have (even if I've already asked them).  Feeling like I have a trainer in my back pocket for questions no matter how silly I think they are has helped us improve drastically."

Alesia and Muninn
Pack Members

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