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What Pack Members Are Saying

Joining the Delta Tails Pack is the best decision I’ve made!

We started posting our raw training footage after our 1st group session and quickly got lots of feedback to continue our progress! And let me tell you… the progress Gemma is making is INSANE👏.

-Giuliana & Gemma

I want progress like this!

I have so much more confidence in how I train my puppy!

I love delta tails and Blythe so much! They have helped improve my relationship with my pup so much! I love the welcoming and judgement free zone that they have cultivated in The Pack. All of the interns as well as our peers are so sweet and intentional. I have so much more confidence in how I train my puppy, and encouraged that with their help I can train almost anything! If you were considering a trainer or even just a community Delta Tails is the place for you.

-Gabby and Autumn

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I’ve never met a group of more responsive and kind trainers truly willing to meet everyone where they are at.

The Delta Tails Pack is a service that has been greatly beneficial to myself and my puppy. Not only is there a supportive and encouraging community, there is also an overwhelming amount of resources for dog owners in every situation. The emphasis on affordability, safety, and comfort has made the program into a safe space for all dog owners 💖

-Kelly and Sage

I want progress like this!

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