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Delta Tails Trick Box

Receive access to our detailed online trick tutorial of the month, one high quality, reusable trick prop, one accessory for your pooch, and one bag of treats.

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Delta Tails Academy

For one monthly payment, receive access to unlimited prerecorded classes, including our trick box tutorials, unlimited live course sign ups, and weekly Q and As with our professional trainer.

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Delta Tails Private Lessons

For one monthly payment, receive four virtual private lessons with our professional trainer to work on behavior modification, service dog training, therapy dog training, and more.

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"Blythe has been a pleasure to learn from. I love the Delta Tails trick box subscription as it helps me to strengthen my bond with my pups through fun trick training. Her tutorials are very thorough and easy to follow. I’ve successfully taught my pups new things by utilizing her videos. Looking forward to our next box and live tricks class. Keep up the good work!"

Karen L.
(Kipper and Holly)

"Blythe was amazing helping me train my Frenchie! He was a stubborn boy who wouldn’t walk with me and she taught me different ways to teach him how to heel. I definitely recommend her for any training! I love how she was able to communicate well and be honest with me when we needed more work. Her availability was great and worked well for me. All around 100% would recommend to anyone!"

Maizie M.

"Blythe is amazing! She has been so helpful and generous with her time. I love the tricks she teaches and her explanations are always clear. I also love following her on Instagram, and all the effort she has put into making this uncertain time better!"

Maria T.

"Blythe really spent time to make a catered solution to help me and my pup. It’s wonderful to work with someone who’s always looking to improve their knowledge and learn new techniques. She really spends time on learning the root cause of behavior of a specific dog so that she can come up with the best solution for your dog, which I really appreciate."

Allie H.

Virtual Dog Training Is...


No more waiting in traffic or spending your free time in a class of 12 other dog owners. Take classes from the comfort of your living room and learn to train on your own. You can even wear your pajamas!


Just login, view the lessons at your own pace, and ask our professional dog trainer any question you have. No more wasting time with training your dog already knows.


Dog training is expensive. And not everyone needs private lessons. With us, you have one payment, once per month, with access to unlimited live and prerecorded classes.

We make dog training exciting, easy, and accessible to everyone. All dogs are good dogs, and every dog is welcome!

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Frequently Asked Questions

All dogs are welcome! You will want to start with an academy membership to take a few basic obedience and trick training courses before moving to more advanced academy courses or our trick boxes! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to start a free trial.

New courses are added every month, and academy members are the first to suggest new courses for future months. I am confident you will find something new and fun, but if you are on the fence, feel free to try out our free trial of the academy by filling out the form below.

Service dog training is highly individual and customized for each handler. You will want to sign up for our private lessons. The academy will have service dog resources, but the best way to set you up for success is through private lessons.

Yes! All courses will specify whether they are safe for puppies, and they will also provide accommodations and adjustments to make them safe for small pups!

Yes! We'll be sad to see you go, though, and appreciate any feedback!


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