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Professional Support for Owner Trainers

Providing disabled handlers with the support and expertise needed to train their own service dog with a high standard of behavior.

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We can help with...

Selecting a Dog

We can help you find a good breeder for your prospect, temperament test a litter you are interested in, or test an adult dog from any background.

Public Access

We train to high standards of obedience and public manners and can coach you from basic obedience and on using positive reinforcement.

Task Training

We coach you through all stages of task training from retrievals, interruptions, guidework, DPT, hearing alerts, household help, and more.

Scent Detection

We have experience training gluten detection dogs, POTS alert (high heart rate/low blood pressure), and migraine alert through scent.

Daily Support (The Pack)


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  • Access to office hours with Head Trainer, Blythe held twice daily via text and video/voice
  • Access to all group lessons held on specific topics
  • Heavy discounts on private lessons and courses 
  • Access to The Pack for 24/7 support
  • Access to all perks in The Pack and perks for Pack Plus Members only 
  • Access to Delta Tails Public Access Titling 
  • Exclusive Friday night events such ; crafts , games and more
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How to Get a Service Dog

Service dogs are not for everyone. Find out if a service dog is right for you here.

  • Be legally disabled in accordance with the ADA
  • Discuss the option of a service dog with your team of medical professionals
  • Decide which tasks your dog needs to assist you
  • Choose a prospect dog or a program-trained dog
  • Begin training or be matched with your service dog

Frequently Asked Questions

Teams in Training

Ray and Stormi
Medical Alert SDiT

Kira and Apollo
Gluten Detection SDiT

Natalie and Yonaka
Service Dog in Training

Kelly and Sage
SDiT Team

Lauren and Milo
Gluten Detection SDiT

Andreea and Rita
Gluten Detection SDiT

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