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Blythe Bouchard/Neer

CDBC, CNWI, CSAT, CPDT-KA, CCUI, Fear Free Trainer

Blythe is the founder and head trainer at Delta Tails. She is a credentialed trainer who is committed to helping her clients modify their dog's behavior, train their own service dog, and improve their relationship. She prides herself in continuing education and is always attending new conferences, taking new courses, and learning from other trainers and professionals. 

She holds certifications through the IAABC, Leslie McDevitt, Malena DeMartini, NACSW, and Do More with Your Dog. She has completed courses through Michael Shikashio, Suzanne Clothier, Grisha Stewart, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, Dunbar Academy, and Do More with Your Dog. She has over 300 hours of experience with client dogs and over 300 hours of interning with professional service dog trainers across the country. 

Why us?

Did you know that the dog training industry is completely unregulated?

Choosing a dog trainer is a difficult process. That's why we will always be honest and up front about the methods we use in classes and lessons, and we will ALWAYS be learning and researching to stay up to date on the most recent behavior science.

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