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Train your pup to detect and respond to any allergy, medical condition, or other scent-related task with the Delta Tails signature scent detection process!

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Step by Step Tutorials

Train your detection dog from start to finish with video feedback on each step from a pro. 

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Amanda & Journey

"Delta Tails has literally changed my life. I am training my dog as a gluten detection dog under their direction. It would not be possible without them. They are so knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I cannot recommend them enough!"

What you get when you join...


Step by step tutorials to train scent tasks

Video feedback from our trainers at every step

Daily access to Q and A

Peer-to-peer accountability groups

Library of courses custom built to fit your goals

It's $80/month ($25/month add on to the Pack), no commitment.
Free after 24 months of membership for the life of your dog.


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What People are Saying:

Daphne and Ratchet

"I am in the gluten detection program online. They are very neurodiverse friendly, and has helped my ADHD Brain when it wasn't sinking in by explaining it in a different angle. One time they made a tiny video just go show exactly what they wanted. So worth it."

Deb and Luna

"I am currently working on Gluten detection through Delta Tails. I love the group and support they give. I would highly recommend them for training."

Aubrey and Duke

"10/10 these guys are the best! I got connected with them to do scent training for my dog. Blythe is so talented and has so much knowledge! I joined thinking I wasn’t going to stick around long, but now I can’t get away. Their training programs are adaptable towards your pace and they are really helpful!"

Hey there, I'm Blythe!


I'm a scent detection pro as well as an ANWI with the National Association of Canine Scent Work.

I’ve transformed the skills I’ve learned as a scent work instructor into simple, fun, step-by-step scent techniques you’ll LOVE.

Let me show you how to scent train your dog on your own – not spend thousands for someone else to do it – so you can spend more time having fun, without worry of a medical episode or reaction.

Will you let me coach you?


Kelsey and Apollo

"Before Delta Tails, I was passing out multiple times a day due to POTS for the last 10 years.

Since joining Delta Tails, Apollo has learned to alert to my heart rate and given me days without passing out or getting injured for the first time in a decade.

This program has been LIFE CHANGING and the support from the trainers and the pack have been amazing! I cannot recommend this program enough. Thank you Delta Tails!!"

How much does it cost not to join?

Mostly, you'll be giving up your safety. The scent resources available currently are incomplete, and don't include troubleshooting, leading to unreliable dogs. 

You'll spend more time picking up the pieces than you will making progress.

 And with a life-changing condition, you want SAFETY and RELIABILITY.

I know, because I've tried too.

I tried to scent train my dogs without the knowledge I have now.

We had to re-start and re-train 3+ times, and spent over 3 years with little success due to the broken foundation we had.

It was heartbreaking.

But with Delta Tails, you will follow PROVEN steps that have led to the success of teams worldwide in scent training life-saving tasks.

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