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The Delta Tails Pack is where you go to start the journey of training your dog with JOY.

Are you ready to train your dog & have fun too?

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Course Library

Get basic training courses, trackers, and free tools and resources you'll actually use to train your dog.

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Weekly Q&As

Participate in weekly trainer Q and As, or get expert coaching and support anytime in the group.

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See major training wins with your dog with 24/7 access to help and feedback, and meet others training too.

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Dylan Z & Crash

"I have been so impressed with Delta Tails Pack. The support, information, and fun I've found there has been so helpful for my dog and I. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for a network of information and support through their dog training journey!"

What you get when you join...


A library of dog training resources

LIVE support group and social event calls

24/7 access to feedback + guidance

Peer-to-peer accountability + support

Pack-only trainings + events

It's $20/month, no commitment.


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Hey there, I'm Blythe!


I'm a dog owner and service dog handler having fun training dogs.

I’ve transformed the skills I’ve learned as a professional dog trainer into simple, fun, step-by-step training techniques you’ll quickly love to use.

Let me show you how to train your dog on your own – not spend thousands for someone else to do it – so you can spend more time with your dog, stress-free!

Will you let me coach you?


Kelly P & Jasper

"Delta Tails is the first dog community where I absolutely feel welcomed. As a member of the Pack, I am so excited to talk to other dog handlers, get other perspectives, feedback on training, and everything in between! I’m so lucky I found this group & my pup is so happy ever since we started learning more about training!"

How much does it cost not to join?

Think about how much time you spend watching YouTube videos, googling things, participating on Facebook, and scrolling TikTok for dog advice.

You’ve likely invested more time into your training than you think yet still feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed, and alone in so many ways.

I know, because I've been there.

I’m a former YouTube watcher who trained my first service dog, alone.

When I finally chose to invest in professional  training, I learned how much a community of talented peers and trainers can shorten your path to a well behaved pet or service dog.

It's why I know you'll gain so much more than you give when you join.

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