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Group and Private Lessons in Greeley, Colorado

Taught by a multi-certified trainer and behavior consultant for puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, and service dogs.

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I'm Blythe.


I am a multi-certified dog trainer and behavior consultant with experience in service dogs, scent detection, reactivity/aggression, basic manners, puppy raising, separation anxiety, and more.

My goal is to bring positive reinforcement based training to the dogs and owners of Greeley, Colorado after growing up here and wishing I had this myself.

My teaching style is easily adaptable, games based, and should be fun and stress free for everyone involved.

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Happy Clients:

Heather & Pancake

"I can't say enough good things about this program. They truly teach you how to train your dog in the best possible way, all R+ force-free! I had a really hard time finding trainers in my area that didn't use ecollars or prongs, and I'm so glad I'm able to learn training safely under professional supervision."

Amanda & Journey

"Blythe has literally changed my life. I am training my dog as a gluten detection dog under her direction. It would not be possible without her. She is so knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I cannot recommend her enough!

Carrie & Luna

"Luna and I have been with Blythe since she was a puppy. I have also been working with her for separation anxiety, and I have seen Luna improve drastically in her calmness while I am away. We have hit nearly an hour of calm waiting/napping! SO exciting to see the goal come within reach!"


Current Class Offerings


Location: 320 35th Ave, Greeley, CO 80634

Tuesdays 6:15 PM MST: Drop in Nosework Class

Private Lessons: 45 minute sessions schedule varies

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Don't see something you need?

We are NEW to teaching classes in this location, so we base our offerings on the needs in the community. Please email us by clicking here to suggest a class!

Course Descriptions

All courses are located at Faith Bible Baptist Church in Greeley Colorado unless otherwise noted.


Intro to Nosework

  • Benefits:¬†Confidence and lowered fear, mental enrichment without needing to walk, fun activity for both handler and dog
  • Who it's for:¬†Handlers or dogs new to the sport of Nosework
  • Experience Required:¬†None
  • Prerequisites:¬†None
  • Description:¬†Dogs will work one at a time to learn the basics of searching for food or toys indoors and outdoors
  • Video Example of Intro Webinar: Click Here
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Nosework Drop In Classes

  • Benefits:¬†Customized instruction, pick your own goal to work towards, trial preparation
  • Who it's for:¬†Dogs on Odor or Past Intro
  • Experience Required:¬†None
  • Prerequisites:¬†Intro to Nosework
  • Description:¬†Dogs will work one at a time¬†towards the specific goal set by the handler. Trial preparation, allergen or medical alert, cyber scent tests, and more are options
  • Video Example of a Past Drop in Course: Click Here
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Private Lessons

  • Benefits:¬†Customized instruction, flexible location, pick your own goal, focused on only your dog
  • Who it's for:¬†Anyone
  • Experience Required:¬†None
  • Prerequisites:¬†Submit the form below - no class requirement
  • Description:¬†Private lessons are great for any specific goal you have that might need one on one attention. Service dog handlers especially love these. Work on resource guarding, nosework, service dog training, basic manners, and more.
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