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Happy Members:

Amanda & Jocelynn, Simple Life Members

"It is amazing to know you don't have to set a huge amount of time each day to train. My favorite part was the pinterest enrichment board. Navigating everything was so easy, and I'm not great with tech!"

Aiden & Tenzin, 
Simple Life Members

"I really loved the enrichment, planning, and scheduling lessons at the end. Enrichment has totally become a buzzword and I didn't even consider some of the activities you had listed as part of the enrichment picture, like public access or just sitting on a bench and watching distractions pass-by. "

Kelsey & Apollo,
Simple Life Members

"The dogs core needs lessons were my favorite. Dogs have more needs (mental and physical) than most people initially think and meeting those needs is crucial for a happy healthy dog. The course was also super easy to navigate!"

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Yes, I want instant access now for $7 (cancel at any time).

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Hi, I'm Blythe.

I am a multi-certified professional trainer and behavior consultant. I coach dog guardians like you to create a simple and sustainable life with your dogs and reach your training goals, without adding more overwhelm to your plate.

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Blonde person sits with her service dog during a training session

"I felt like there was a lot of actionable items that I could put to use immediately. Having the strategy for planning training sessions was probably the biggest take away for me."

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