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Dog training doesn't have to be complicated or stressful.

Learn how to create your ideal schedule, focus on the things that really matter to you, and reach the goals you have for your pup.

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With certifications from:

Get step-by-step instructions that make training your dog simple so that you can:

  • Cut down on daily stress without stressing your budget.
  • Finally reach those dog training goals you've been working on.
  • Set up a customized plan tailored to your specific dog.
  • Have more freedom and flexibility.
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(Simple) Life with Dogs Membership

Ready to simplify life with your dog?

This membership provides the professional support you need to train your dog in a way that fits your lifestyle without breaking the bank. You'll learn how to:

  • Train your dog to tolerate baths, brushing, nail trims, and vet visits without stress
  • Train your dog to stop pulling, come when called, and leave items alone
  • ¬†Stop behaviors that drive you wild like counter surfing, jumping on guests, and more
  • Seamlessly incorporate training into your daily routine

With my personalized approach, we’ll create a sustainable schedule tailored to your needs and abilities.

Included In The Membership...


The (Simple) Life with Dogs

Being consistent is the first step to reaching your training goals. But how do you know when and what to train?

In this course, you'll learn actionable tips and tricks you can use to:

  • Create a realistic training schedule for you and your dog's individual needs
  • Teach important foundational cues through doable 5-minute training sessions
  • Prioritize the things that will make the biggest impact first

You'll finish feeling empowered, knowing exactly what you need to do to meet your training goals. No guessing, just clarity!


Problem Behaviors

Some normal dog behaviors can be especially frustrating to us. What do I do about the constant barking or pulling on walks?

In simple terms, this course teaches you:

  • How to handle¬†pulling on the leash, counter surfing, jumping on guests, and more
  • How to give your dog an outlet to express these behaviors appropriately
  • Quick 5-minute training games to reduce the behaviors

You'll also be able to request custom tips for any specific problems you're dealing with. 


Basic Manners & Cooperative Care

Some dog life essentials like grooming or staying calm at the vet can be intimidating. But these basics don't have to be stressful for you or your pup!

In these step-by-step lessons, you'll discover:

  • How to make unpleasant tasks like nail trims, bath time, and vet visits comfortable and stress-free
  • How to train key cues like "stay," "come," "leave it," and "settle"

You'll finish with clarity and confidence to care for your dog's unique needs. No more dreading basic necessities!


Private Community

Receive access to my friendly community of fellow dog guardians. It's the perfect place to:

  • Ask me (a professional trainer) questions at any time
  • Lean on your classmates for brainstorming or motivation
  • Share your training videos to get constructive tips

You'll gain confidence knowing you have a team behind you on the ups and downs with your dog.


Get Personalized 1-on-1 Help

Enjoy monthly access to my office hours where you can:

  • Send private text/voice messages over 8 hours
  • Get help customizing the program for your needs
  • Ask for specific troubleshooting if you feel stuck

Use the sessions to:

  • Learn how to adapt the¬†courses to your unique situation
  • Ask "silly" questions without judgement
  • Request step-by-step breakdowns tailored to your dog

Think of it as having an expert trainer in your pocket for the day!

In the next 3 months, you could…

  • Know exactly what you need to do¬†to meet your training goals
  • Make measurable progress towards¬†those goals
  • Feel like life with your dog is EASY

The right support with your pup makes it easy. I have everything you need inside of the (Simple) Life with Dogs membership.

Only have 5 minutes to train? You're not alone.

Having a (simple) life with dogs doesn't need to be time intensive.


"I loved that I didn't have to carve out huge chunks of time for training. The course made it so easy to fit into my day."

Amanda and Jocelynn, (Simple) Life Members

Learn the Easy Way to Train

This membership is for you if...

  • You feel overwhelmed by your dog‚Äôs behavior
  • You don‚Äôt know where to start with training
  • Fitting care into your day feels impossible
  • You dream of easier days with your dog
  • You want to become a confident pet parent
  • You want to know EXACTLY what your dog needs to thrive

My customized schedules make meeting your dogs' needs feel effortless - not another item on your to-do list.


"I loved the enrichment lessons and planning templates. Enrichment has become such a buzzword, I didn't realize activities like public access or watching distractions could count. Makes it so easy to fit into my day."

Aiden and Tenzin, (Simple) Life Members

Learn How to Make Life with Your Dog EASY

I'm Blythe.

Even after my certifications were complete, I was still overwhelmed trying to manage my own dogs needs while dealing with chronic illnesses. I expected to learn these things from my classes, but they were all catered towards able bodied folks.

Through the years, I've developed systems that work to simplify life with dogs in a way that works for EVERYONE, not just able bodied, neurotypical people.

Now I use what I’ve learned to help people just like you struggling with the day-to-day of life with dogs. Let me guide you through the journey of dog parenting so you BOTH can thrive!

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"I felt like there was a lot of actionable items that I could put to use immediately. Having the strategy for planning training sessions was probably the biggest take away for me."

- Aiden & Tenzin

"This is the most positive training group I’ve ever been a part of. I went from almost washing out my Service Dog, to blowing away our training goals and getting her back into working full swing!"

- Kayla & Ana

"I am truly surprised how amazing an online training program can be! The amount and quality of information , the organization of that information, and the amount of support is an amazing value! Highly, highly recommended!"

- Crystal & Apollo


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