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Members receive an all-access pass to all of our courses, including public manners, task training, and more.

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Ask a professional service dog trainer your burning questions at any time, and receive quick answers and guidance.

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24/7 community access. Meet SUPPORTIVE service dog handlers to walk through training together and find inspiration.

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Hey there, I'm Blythe!


I'm a professional service dog trainer AND handler.

I’ve transformed the skills I’ve learned as a trainer into simple, fun, step-by-step training techniques you’ll LOVE.

Let me show you how to train your service dog on your own – not spend thousands for someone else to do it – so you can spend more time having fun, and doing the things you love.

Will you let me coach you?

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What People are Saying:

Kayla & Ana,
Pack Members

"I went from almost washing out my Service Dog, to blowing away our training goals and getting her back into working full swing! If you need support and guidance in your training, Delta Tails is the place to be!"

Alesia & Muninn, 
Pack Members

"Feeling like I have a trainer in my back pocket for questions no matter how silly I think they are has helped us improve drastically."

Heather & Pancake, 
Pack Members

"I can't say enough good things about this program. They truly teach you how to train your dog in the best possible way, all R+ force-free! I had a really hard time finding trainers in my area that didn't use ecollars or prongs, and I'm so glad I'm able to learn service work safely under professional supervision."

How it Works


  • Join the Pack

  • Follow the courses in order (basic manners, public manners, public access)

  • Or choose your own path

  • Ask a trainer your burning questions and submit videos for feedback

  • Join live calls for support

  • Complete exams (optional) to earn ribbons and "proof" of training

It's $57/month, no commitment.

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More Happy Clients:

Dee & Darby,
Pack Members

"​If you've been undersupported by an IRL SD trainer before or resented for your ND communication styles, you will love this program regardless of the fact that it's based online. I will be proud to receive PAT title from Delta Tails!"

Chrystal & Apollo,
Pack Members

"I am truly surprised how amazing an online training program can be! The amount and quality of information , the organization of that information, and the amount of support is an amazing value! Highly, highly recommended!"

Daphne & Ratchet,
Pack Members

"They are very neurodiverse friendly, and has helped my ADHD Brain when it wasn't sinking in by explaining it in a different angle. One time they made a tiny video just go show exactly what they wanted. So worth it."

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