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Train your Own Gluten Detection Service Dog

Providing handlers with the support needed to train their own gluten detection dog to a high level of accuracy.

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What are gluten detection service dogs?

Gluten detection service dogs perform an alert behavior to let their handler know which foods contain gluten and an all clear behavior to let their handler know which do not. There is evidence to suggest that these service dogs can detect trace levels of gluten in food and other products.

This is a very helpful task for people with celiac disease, gluten allergies, or wheat allergies who are disabled by their condition.

Gluten detection dogs can be service dogs or at home detection dogs depending on the handlers needs.

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The  Science Behind Gluten Detection Service Dogs

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Online Gluten Detection Service Dog Program


  • Self paced tutorials from start to finish for Gluten Detection Service Dog training
  • Train for celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or gluten allergy
  • Weekly evaluations from a professional service dog trainer
  • Talk with a professional twice daily during office hours
  • Access to The Pack for 24/7 support included
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Gluten Detection Dogs 


Service Dogs


  • Gluten Detection Dogs are trained to detect & alert to an allergen
  • Gluten Detection Training does not cover Public Access training
  • Service Dogs must be reliably trained in public access obedience to accompany you in non-pet friendly locations in accordance with the ADA
  • Service Dogs must have at least one task to mitigate their handler's disability, which can be gluten detection if you are disabled due to your celiac disease or allergy
  • If you are disabled and interested in having your Gluten Detection dog become a Service Dog, we can help you with Public Access Training separately, in our public access program coming soon.
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