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Service Dogs for Narcolepsy: The Ultimate Guide

Narcolepsy service dogs can change the lives of their people in so many different ways. Along with the benefits a dog along can bring, service dogs can add tasks to mitigate the symptoms those with narcolepsy face.

If you don’t know me, hi! I’m Blythe. I’m a multi-certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, and I have narcolepsy.

I was diagnosed this year after my sleep struggles got worse and worse. Every test came back negative until I saw my psychiatrist - who immediately recognized what was happening and referred me to a sleep specialist. A few months and overnight (and daytime) tests later, and I had my answer… narcolepsy.



It was so surprising.

I always thought narcolepsy meant falling asleep while driving or mid conversation. I don’t like driving, and I only fall asleep mid conversation in my house cozy on the couch. So I never would have guessed.

Narcolepsy is HARD. It’s hard always being tired and fighting...

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