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Want to have FUN training your dog?


Dog training doesn't have to be hard. With a community of support and step by step courses, you can find joy in training just like me.

Are you ready to train your dog with ease?

I'm SO Ready

"Delta Tails and Blythe has been so helpful in raising Archie! From trick titles, to general puppy problems, to starting his public access service work and scent training for medical alert, they have been an excellent resource and cheerleaders for us."

Alyson & Archie

Hey there, I'm Blythe!

I'm a dog owner and service dog handler having fun training dogs.

I’ve transformed the skills I’ve learned as a professional dog trainer into simple, fun, step-by-step training techniques you’ll quickly love to use.

Training is essential, and – dare I say, fun – when it’s a process that allows you to choose what works best for you and your dog using positive reinforcement methods.

Let me show you how to train your dog on your own – not spend thousands for someone else to do it – so you can spend more time with your dog, stress-free!

Have FUN Training your Dog

with pro tips, tricks, and techniques

The Community

Connect with a community full of dedicated trainers and owners and feel completely supported 24/7.

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The Programs

Work through an in depth training program to train your own service dog, on your own time.

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I care about you & your dog.

Investing in training is a big commitment - one that I am grateful to see in action and don’t take lightly.

My commitment to you is to be an enthusiastic guide and support for you. To help you train your dog on your own, so that you can spend more time together. Just how it should be.

Let's Train Together

"Joining Delta Tails has been the best training decision I’ve ever made. Blythe has built an incredible community centered on positivity and meeting each of us where we are. Having the constant support of the pack means I don’t have to feel alone in my training struggles. Blythe is always ready to help troubleshoot and modify training for the best outcome. The shift in our training experience has been amazing! "

Kayla & Ana
SD Team

"I feel much more confident helping Sigma work through his reactivity than I did at the start. I love the access to qualified and compassionate dog training at Delta Tails. Plus, the pack makes for an unparalleled source of joy and motivation."

May & Sigma
Reactivity Class Members

"I’ve never met a group of more responsive and kind trainers truly willing to meet everyone where they are at. Not only is there a supportive and encouraging community, there is also an overwhelming amount of resources for dog owners in every situation."

Kelly & Sage
Pack Members

Are you ready to get started?

See you on the inside!


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Learn how to handle a leash properly and safely for a reactive dog as a sneak peek from our reactivity workshop.