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Do you wish you had a professional dog trainer on call?

You don't have to train your dog alone. With professional trainers answering your top questions every day, and a community of other dog guardians to lean on, we can help you meet all your training goals.

Are you ready for one of a kind support with your dog?

Our program is custom made for your dog.

Dogs are individuals, just like humans.

Not every game works for every dog. Instead of trying more and more techniques you found online, our program allows you to focus on training YOUR dog.

Our professional trainers tell you your next best steps based on your dog's progress and your goals, making it fully customizable to you.

Delta Tails' head trainer, Blythe, sits on a fence with her service dog beneath her. She is training with treats.

What Our Students Say

Amanda and Journey, Delta Tails Service Dog Graduates
"Once I started Delta Tails, I knew that I could do it. I love the way the modules are broken down into the next best small step. It's easy to succeed, and I am excited every time my dog learns something new!"

Amanda & Journey, Service Dog Grads

Delta Tails Scent Detection Service Dog Graduates
"It is life changing to have him. I have not gone out by myself with a group of people my age in at least five years. He alerted during the party and allowed me to stay safe, even without my parents. I am finally learning what it's like to be an independent adult (at age 30). I get to live life now."

Kelsey & Apollo, Scent Grads

Delta Tails Scent Detection Service Dog Students
"I have been with Delta Tails for four months now, and I have seen more progress in my rescue than I have after six months of an in person class. Blythe has shown me a world of training I never knew existed. I love it here."

Jacklyn & Kita, Scent Students

Delta Tails' head trainer, Blythe, high fives her service dog during training.

We train all dogs.

Our trainer specializes in reactivity and aggression, scent detection, separation anxiety, service dogs, and more. 


We have all the resources needed to work towards your training goals.


With over one hundred active members, we have dog guardians working on training goals involving resource guarding, reactivity, allergen and medical detection, home manners, puppy basics, and even public access work for service dogs.

Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
Fear Free Certified Professional
Certified Control Unleashed Instructor
Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed

Our Services


Private Training

A personalized training blueprint including daily assignments custom to your goals, weekly calls with a pro, and extra resources proven to get you results quickly.

Best for aggression, separation anxiety, and behavior concerns.



For those who love to DIY. A supportive coaching community with weekly live calls, accountability groups, goal setting, and self paced workshops available 24/7.

Best for those who enjoy learning on their own, general behavior problems, service dog and pet dog training.


Scent Detection Tasks

A step by step program with weekly evaluations to train scent detection tasks for service dogs. Add on to our main membership program.

Best for those in need of scent based service dog tasks (cortisol, dysautonomia, diabetes, allergens, and more).

Hi! I'm Blythe.

I've trained dogs professionally for four years now, and have helped over 200 dog and handler teams reach their goals.

My passion in life is dog training, and I take course after course to improve my craft to share with you.

I continually learn from industry greats, including Leslie McDevitt, Michael Shikashio, Grisha Stewart, and many more.

I am multi-certified, with credentials from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Malena DeMartini, Fear Free Pets, Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and Leslie McDevitt.

Delta Tails head trainer, Blythe, smiles next to her service dog during training.

More Happy Clients

Delta Tails Service Dog Students
"Joining has been the best decision I've ever made. I don't have to feel alone in any of my struggles. Blythe is always ready to help modify our sessions. The shift in our training experience is amazing."

Kayla & Ana, Pack Members

Delta Tails Pack members
"Delta Tails has been a MAJOR key to Zuko’s success in working through his reactivity, separation anxiety and general training. I also am Autistic and multiply disabled and everyone at DT is so supportive and helps adapt our training plans to what I can actually do instead of the “ideal."

Ambrose & Zuko, Pack Members

Delta Tails Pack Members
"Delta Tails has been amazing for all of my dogs. Blythe always answers the tons of questions I have (even if I've already asked them).  Feeling like I have a trainer in my back pocket for questions no matter how silly I think they are has helped us improve drastically."

Alesia & Muninn, Pack Members

Not sure what's right for you? Let's talk it through together.

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