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POTS / Dysautonomia Alert

POTS can cause lightheadedness and fainting, so early detection is crucial for the handler to get to a safe location/position to prevent injuries and loss of consciousness. Dogs are trained to alert in advance of an episode.

Gluten Detection

Handlers with Celiac disease or gluten sensitives can greatly benefit from a gluten detection dog. They are trained to detect trace amounts of gluten and can prevent a handler from coming into any contact with gluten.

Allergen Detection

Dogs can be trained to detect tree nuts, peanuts, latex and many other allergens. Early detection can help the handler avoid the allergen or administer life saving medication in the event of an accident. 

Migraine Alert

Early migraine detection allows the handler to take the proper steps to prevent or lessen the impact of a migraine. Dogs are trained to alert in advance of an episode.

Cortisol Alert

Early cortisol detection allows the handler to take steps to remedy their rising anxiety levels, panic attacks, or even flashbacks. Dogs are trained to alert early on in anxious episodes.

Diabetic Alert Dogs (DAD)

Early blood sugar detection allows the handler to get their blood sugar to a normal range safely. Dogs are trained to alert in advance to hypo and hyper glycemia episodes.


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Medical Detection Dogs


Service Dogs


  • Medical Detection Dogs are trained to detect & alert to an allergen or oncoming medical event
  • Medical Detection Training does not cover Public Access training
  • Service Dogs must be reliably trained in public access obedience to accompany you in non-pet friendly locations in accordance with the ADA
  • Service Dogs must have at least one task to mitigate their handler's disability, which can be medical detection if you are disabled
  • If you are disabled and interested in having your Detection Dog become a Service Dog, we can help you with Public Access Training included in your subscription
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