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Scent Training in 10 Minutes A Day

Train your pup to detect and respond to any allergy, medical condition, or other scent-related task with the Delta Tails signature scent detection process!

What You Get As a Member

Step By Step Tutorials

Train your detection dog from start to finish with tutorials for each step from start to finish.

Professional Feedback

Each week, submit a video for evaluation in order to receive feedback and next steps.


24/7 community access. Including goal setting, accountability groups, and more.

Hi! I'm Blythe.

I'm a scent detection pro as well as an ANWI with the National Association of Canine Scent Work.

I’ve transformed the skills I’ve learned as a scent work instructor into simple, fun, step-by-step scent techniques you’ll LOVE.

Let me show you how to scent train your dog on your own – not spend thousands for someone else to do it – so you can spend more time having fun, without worry of a medical episode or reaction.

Will you let me coach you?

Delta Tails trainer, Blythe, smiles next to her service dog that she trained for Medical Alert
Certified separation anxiety trainer
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
Fear Free Certified  Professional
Certified  Control Unleashed Instructor
Certified professional dog trainer

What Our Students Say

Delta Tails Scent Detection Student
"Delta Tails has literally changed my life. I am training my dog as a gluten detection dog under their direction. It would not be possible without them. They are so knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I cannot recommend them enough!"

Amanda & Journey, Scent Detection Students

Delta Tails Scent Detection Student
"It is life changing to have him. I have not gone out by myself with a group of people my age in at least five years. He alerted during the party and allowed me to stay safe, even without my parents. I am finally learning what it's like to be an independent adult (at age 30). I get to live life now."

Kelsey & Apollo, Scent Grads

Delta Tails Scent Detection Student
"10/10 these guys are the best! I got connected with them to do scent training for my dog. Blythe is so talented and has so much knowledge! I joined thinking I wasn’t going to stick around long, but now I can’t get away."

Aubrey & Duke, Scent Students

How it Works

  • Receive your weekly lesson and train your dog

  • Ask our trainer questions or submit videos for help

  • Submit your video for evaluation

  • Receive feedback from a pro trainer

  • Unlock the next lessons for the upcoming week

  • Repeat, repeat, repeat

  • Earn your title, ribbons, and graduate

It's $80/month ($25/month add on to the Pack), no commitment.
Free after 24 months of membership for the life of your dog.

More Happy Clients

Delta Tails Scent Detection Student
"I am in the gluten detection program online. They are very neurodiverse friendly, and has helped my ADHD Brain when it wasn't sinking in by explaining it in a different angle. One time they made a tiny video just go show exactly what they wanted. So worth it."

Daphne & Ratchet, Gluten Detection Students

Delta Tails Scent Detection Student
"I am truly surprised how amazing an online training program can be! The amount and quality of information , the organization of that information, and the amount of support is an amazing value! Highly, highly recommended!"

Chrystal & Apollo,

Scent Detection Students

Delta Tails Scent Detection Student

"I have celiac so this is super important to me. I have been very impressed with the scent training program and the staff as they help me work towards my goal."

Laura & Hazael,

Gluten Detection Students

Not sure this is right for you? Let's talk it through together.

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